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TitlePub dateAuthor
 1. Rhythm : a guide for creative movement /1074.Taylor, Carla.
 2. Rhythm and life : the work of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze /[1990].Spector, Irwin.
 3. Rhythm and power[2023]Washington, Derrick León editor.
 4. Rhythm and resistance : explorations in the political uses of popular music /1990.Pratt, Ray.
 5. Rhythm and revoltc1995.Breton, Marcela.
 6. Rhythm and song.p1980.Makeba, Miriam.
 7. Rhythm and tempo : a study in music history /c1953.Sachs, Curt,
 8. Rhythm and tempo : a study in music history /c1953.Sachs, Curt,
 9. The rhythm book : studies in rhythmic reading and principles /1995.Phillips, Peter Hampton.
 10. Rhythm, content and flavor.c1989.Hernández Cruz, Víctor,
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